I am a composer, sound designer and sound artist with more than seven years of experience in the sound for visuals industry. My primary task is to help clients and producers find and realize a sonic vision for their project.

My work has been diverse, having worked on multiple feature films as well as dozens of  commercials, animations and shorts. These projects have had me take on many different roles including composer, sound designer, supervising sound editor, ADR recordist, mixer and often times all of the above.

I am a multi-instrumentalist  and play guitar, bass, piano, banjo, mandolin, singing saw, synthesizer, autoharp, the ever important computer and drum programs, and voice. This, combined with my knowledge of audio software, allows me to perform the bulk of my compositions myself, but I also have a large pool of specialist musicians that can be pulledl in for styles or instruments that I am not well versed in.

Having earned my MFA in Sound Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2009, I have also been teaching Sound Design and Audio Production at the college level for the past six  years.

Currently, I split time between composition and sound work, teaching sound, playing in my band, Oryx & Crake, which has been written about nationally, and hanging with my two kids, my partner Sarah and our three quirky pooches.

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